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'Getcha Pull'
You breathed life
Into a world of darkened hate
Disgraceful place
But now you're off
Into a sky of perfect blue
We pray for you
Your memory will remain
As you pass through the cemetery gates
The angels will sing
As you walk through heaven's holy gates
Even though your body has
Long been left for dead
Bullet to the head
Your will be remembered
What you've done for us
You may never know
Your memory will remain
As you pass through the cemetery gates
The angels will sing
As you walk through heaven's holy gates
We salute your legacy
Devil horns raised up
For our fallen brother
We will not forget you
We will follow you beyond the holy gates
:iconalranz:Alranz 0 0
BOOM. Headshot. by Alranz BOOM. Headshot. :iconalranz:Alranz 0 0
'Memories Of You'
I sat on your bed last night
I couldn't stop from crying from the memories of you
Everything, oh everything tastes like rain
Your scent still fills the air
And no matter what I think about, you're always there
Please let me forget about the past and just move on
But I know that I will never ever forget you
The picture of us now has teardrops on the front
And on the back
I wrote "No matter what happens, I still love you"
You may be miles upon miles away
But everyday
I still feel your breath on my neck
Please let me forget about the past and just move on
But I know that I will never ever forget you
If you still care, then just let me know
I'm sick of being in the dark
A simple yes or no will suffice
I sat on your bed last night
I couldn't stop from crying from the memories of you
:iconalranz:Alranz 2 6
'Don't Leave Me, Edith'
Hanging out on the hill in the back of the barn
Having Kool Aid and cigarettes
With Zeppelin blaring on our favorite mix tape
Make no mistake:
Nothing bad's gonna to happen here tonight
Out by the bonfire
Cooking S'mores and telling racial jokes that would probably get us shot
But in the air, there's a feeling
That something's gonna mess up this perfect moment tonight
Keith and Jenny
The perfect couple we all thought start shouting at each other
And no one wants to get involved
'Cause an awkward moment's the last thing we need tonight
An hour later Keith apologizes to Jenny for being a jerk
At first she's reluctant
But then she gives in
'Cause no one wants to be lonely tonight
Back to square one
The tension's gone, but we all still sit in silence
Thinking about love while basking in the fire
A perfect ending to a not-so-perfect night
:iconalranz:Alranz 1 15
Back in those days I was so young an care-free
I was falling for
And she had already fallen for me
But things didn't work out the way we planned
I was constantly changing my mind
And she was just so goddamn unpredictable
Two wrongs don't make a right
But two Wrights make an airplane
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life
She got sick of waiting and went out with some other guy
I tried my best not to cry in front of her
But inside I felt my heart breaking in two
Two weeks later and they had broken up
I told her that I still loved her
But she had given up on me
Said that I was no good for her
So I went on and found the love of my life
And she found out how hard it is
To see The one you had loved move on
I guess payback really is a bitch
Well, a few months later
And the "love of my life" had left
And just as I was picking up the pieces
The girl I thought I had loved came back
We tried for a while just being friends
But it turned out there was no friendship left
It had been straine
:iconalranz:Alranz 1 6
'Shaun's Song'
I sit around outside
Under the porch light
Trying hard not to think of you
Put the bottle down
And not think of just the bad times
But the good times, too
It's been ten years since you've gone away
I hope you're okay wherever you are
I miss you
The words you used to speak still haunt all my dreams
Come back home
'Cause it's hard to get through life without you by my side
I take a walk down to the oak tree where you left us behind
Even now, it's hard to think about
And I realize
That, for better or worse, your leaving changed my life
But the pain I can do without
And maybe one day I'll see you again
But until that day, these pictures are my only friends
I miss you
The words you used to speak still haunt all my dreams
Come back home
'Cause it's hard to get through life without you by my side
:iconalranz:Alranz 1 2
'Winter Wonderland'
Stand outside with me
In the cold cold winter sun
Sure, it's cold as Mitch's sex life
But who really cares?
You can put your hands inside my coat
While your eyes whisper to me
That you wouldn't give this up for the world
And that makes me smile
So keep it up, love
It's amazing how our lives change like the seasons
Maybe things happen for a reason
But if not, that's fine with me
I got you, and that's all I need
Let's take a walk through the park
We'll make snow angels that can't come close to your innocence
Not a care in the world today
Just sit back and watch the children play in the snow
And wonder where those days all went
Perhaps we'll know by Christmas
When we find out if Santa finally brought me my pony
And how we'll laugh when we see I got socks instead
I guess that's close enough
Soon school will start again
All our friends will recall to us how fun it was
To watch everyone drink too much
And through all the funny stories, one thing's clear
Winter can be depressing
No doubt abou
:iconalranz:Alranz 0 14
'A Sad Sad Song...'
Starry night
Please take away all my bad dreams
I don't want to see that little boy cry anymore
Waiting for his daddy to come home
From a long night of drinking
Lovely moon
Please illuminate the spot by my side
Where she would be if she wasn't gone away
Maybe I'll see her again someday
But I probably won't
I think she's gone for good
Empty streets
Please make sure everyone gets home alright
Because what good would another funeral do
In a world divided in too many places to count?
I think you get my point
At least I hope you do
And as the world sleeps tonight
I stay up late and ask myself why
I have the problems that I do
And I guess the simple answer is that everyone is different
But that's not enough to ease my restless soul
And so comes the conclusion to my song
Hopefully after a few times, you can sing along
But until then, all I can say is
Goodnight and pleasant dreams to you all
And thank you for listening
:iconalranz:Alranz 0 5
'Summer Days'
The sun is bright
It's just another lazy Saturday
Time's cutting short
I only wish that I could stay
We could have a few friends come by
Or we could just sit around and listen to Bright Eyes
I don't really care
As long as I'm with you
Random conversations turn into awkward silences
As we sit around and try not think about when summer ends
And with my hands upon your hips
I'll lean in and kiss you on the lips
Just to make you smile
And make you feel loved
Which of course you are
Lovely memories about doing nothing at all
If I can't see you today, I'll make sure to call
And as I think about us durning these summer days
All I can really say is I love you dear
I love you dear
I love you dear
Yes, I love you dear
:iconalranz:Alranz 3 2
Go Figure
Once I had her
We were inseparable
Now she's gone
Go figure
I loved her
Gave her my heart
Now it's broken again
Go figure
She was my other
My better half
But she had feelings for another
Go figure
Hopes held high
Visions of the future so vivid
Now they are impossible
Go figure
I should take the hint
But I will fall for it all again
And get hurt just as bad
Go figure
:iconalranz:Alranz 2 35
Hard To Comprehend
It's hard to comprehend
Having someone's heart in your hands
So much power over someone's very existence
With a wave of the hand, it's broken
So much for a token of appreciation
If you've never been there
You will never understand
And although some take this power for granted
I have yet to learn how to handle it
It's like tiptoeing around a landmine
Deception will make you weak
But trusting someone can kill you
Maybe the future will be brighter
But you cannot change the past
Just when things can't get better
They come crashing down in your face
With memories you cannot erase
Can one even begin to imagine
The pain of lost love?
:iconalranz:Alranz 2 4
What Happens Backstage Pt. 3 by Alranz What Happens Backstage Pt. 3 :iconalranz:Alranz 2 20 What Happens Backstage Pt. 2 by Alranz What Happens Backstage Pt. 2 :iconalranz:Alranz 1 32 What Happens Backstage Pt. 1 by Alranz What Happens Backstage Pt. 1 :iconalranz:Alranz 0 35
'Silver Eyes'
Silver eyes
On the wall next to you
Silver eyes
Watchin' everything you do
These eyes like little mirrors
Starin' right back at you
Silver eyes
Impossible to see through
Silver eyes
Seem to stare right through you
These eyes like little mirrors
Starin' right back at you
Silver eyes
Constantly watching me
Silver eyes
Like nothing I've ever seen
I'm getting this haunted feeling
Please get these eyes away from me
:iconalranz:Alranz 0 2
'From The Inside'
I hide from you
And you know it's true
That your words really get to me
But I play along
Pretend like nothing's wrong
'Cause you love my misery
Why can't you see
That I hate you?
Please stay away
We keep arguing
And it's torturing me
From the inside
You've damaged me
I can't break free
From these thoughts inside my mind
Your eyes keep glaring at me
Staring at me
Are you ever kind?
Why can't you see
That I hate you?
Please stay away
We keep arguing me
And it's torturing me
From the inside
Get away from me
You've become the death of me
I wish you could see
My wrists as they bleed
Why can't you see
That I hate you?
Please stay away
We keep arguing
And it's torturing me
From the inside
:iconalranz:Alranz 0 18


metallica by Hold-Fast-Hope metallica :iconhold-fast-hope:Hold-Fast-Hope 257 42 0082 by lydiahansen 0082 :iconlydiahansen:lydiahansen 182 14 speechless. by lydiahansen speechless. :iconlydiahansen:lydiahansen 388 50 silent shout. by lydiahansen silent shout. :iconlydiahansen:lydiahansen 66 10 addicted by lydiahansen addicted :iconlydiahansen:lydiahansen 431 115 life in slow motion. by lydiahansen life in slow motion. :iconlydiahansen:lydiahansen 453 87 midnight dream by AlisiaVR midnight dream :iconalisiavr:AlisiaVR 26 8 Comic - Depression Demons by Rimfrost Comic - Depression Demons :iconrimfrost:Rimfrost 2,418 649 caged by lydiahansen caged :iconlydiahansen:lydiahansen 101 29 Love Was Trying To Kill Me by Amatorka Love Was Trying To Kill Me :iconamatorka:Amatorka 3,757 619 Maria Brink Wip 2 by Jako21530 Maria Brink Wip 2 :iconjako21530:Jako21530 20 1 hide by lydiahansen hide :iconlydiahansen:lydiahansen 1,390 224 to shed some light by raintaster16 to shed some light :iconraintaster16:raintaster16 1 3 The Stars Intertwine by YukiMizuno The Stars Intertwine :iconyukimizuno:YukiMizuno 19 16 juggalo pledge by OGthefaygoman juggalo pledge :iconogthefaygoman:OGthefaygoman 261 109 McMorbid - The Dream by Rimfrost McMorbid - The Dream :iconrimfrost:Rimfrost 3,852 1,197



Jesus Harold Christ
Artist | Literature
United States
You fuck with me, then...I'MMA FIRIN' MAH LAZER!!!

Current Residence: Brew City, Wisconsin
Favourite genre of music: Any form of rock, basically, with the exception of some other stuff
Favourite photographer: *shrug* Couldn't tell you
Favourite style of art: ummm...I dunno...
Operating System: Whatever I can get my hands on
MP3 player of choice: Don't have one...still goin' old school portable CD player. Hell yeah.
Shell of choice: The kind you can drink champaign from...;)
Wallpaper of choice: Your mom's face
Skin of choice: Smooth?
Favourite cartoon character: Ralph Wiggum
Personal Quote: [insert really kickass quote here]
  • Listening to: "Warhead" - Otep
  • Reading: Pokemon TCG rules XD
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Donkey Kong 64
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
So lately I've decided to stop playing metal. It's not that I don't like it, believe me. I still love turning on some Devildriver and just going nuts. But from a guitarist's standpoint, it's a little too complicated and hectic for me to play WELL. So I've decided to resurrect my acoustic/classic rock roots. I almost have two more songs written since I made the switch, so I'm happy as hell. The only difference is that instead of going by Forever Second Best, I'm just going to stick with my name. I figure I'm secure enough to just put it out there who I am, instead of hiding behind a band name. Besides, I'm the only one playing, so it doesn't really deserve a BAND name, right?

Other than that, not much going on. Can't wait till Christmas!

If I don't get on before the holidays, let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Joyus Kwanza, a Happy Hanuka, and whatever else I missed. And I'm sure I spelled Kwanza and Hanuka wrong, so sorry in advance.



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